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After upgrading to Malwarebytes (MB) 3.0.6 Premium, a scan would hang (stop processing) on a few files (i.e. item 517 or 518 or etc.) if rootkits were included in the scan.  Googling this issue led me to think it had something to do with Macrium Reflect (MR) Backup Software.  When I upgraded MR from version 6 to version 7, I thought the problem would go away.  Not the case as the problem persisted.  Followed all the advice from MB Support but no avail.  Then one day, a patch was available for MR.  MB scan with rootkit successfully executed.  I thought the problem was fixed BUT after a reboot the problem came back.  I was more convinced though that the issue had something to do with MR.  A few days ago, I got an Event ID 4 with the Source as FilterManager in my Event Viewer.  The error said "failed to attach to volume \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy8".  In researching this issue I came across a message thread relating to Macrium Reflect VSS error troubleshooting.  The MR troubleshooting document shared many potential fixes.  One of the fixes was easy to execute.  It said to turn the "VSS Service" from Manual to Automatic. 

After doing this, BINGO, a MB scan with rootkits enable executed successfully.  It has been repeatable over multiple reboots and various other non-related tasks.  So the fix is holding.  Either just turning the VSS Service from Manual to Automatic is THE fix OR it's a fix in combination with the various MR version 7 patches.  MB Support is aware of this solution.

Maybe I was the only one who had this issue but in case there are others, thought I'd share this solution.

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