Infected SystemUI.apk on CUBOT Rainbow not detected by Malwarebytes

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3 minutes ago, gradinaruvasile said:

And what did they say about this? Why was this malware there in the first place?

they just requested some detailed informations about the phone and told me that this will be analysed by their engineering. But no comment about why and how this could happen (but to be honest, I also did not really expect any explanations or apology). And a couple of days later, I got a message about the OTA update.

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Well i sent an email to them too asking for a firmware without ads after i started this thread. I even linked them this thread...

It seems that they do listen sometimes...

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They released an update that fixed the problem on the Cheetah 2 as well (I'll have to wait 1 month to confirm that)!

Now, I still notice some traffic requests from the System process:

Cubot replied saying this is part of the system and I shouldn't worry. Do you think this is normal?
I don't think any of my previous android phones had similar requests from the System process.



On 6/9/2017 at 11:09 AM, khambrecht said:


I assume, they fixed only the Rainbow firmware. I had an email conversation with Cubot about the infected Rainbow firmware and they fixed this upon my request.

So it would be worth a try for you to also complain about your phone. Send me a PM so I will forward my conversation with Cubot to you, as a reference.



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