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Installed v3.06 and v2.2x Comes Back Too?

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I didn't find this anywhere else on the forums after a search, so here goes:

The Lenovo laptop this morning wanted to install v3.06. It was running v2.21, I believe. So, I told it to install the new version. Nothing unusual there.
That's when the problems started.

It seemed that I did indeed have 3.06 installed and running, along with all the glitches and bugs that I have read about here.

However, I ALSO had v2.21 running again - it had "come back to life" somehow. There were now 2 Malwarebytes icons by the clock. I noticed this only after about 4 notifications to install V3.06. I was like, "Didn't we already do this twice?" Apparently, the initial installation of 3.06 didn't remove 2.21 from the system. It's Windows 10, too, but I can only see v3.06 in the uninstall programs feature; v2.2x is not listed. So now, with 3.06 installed and running (after uninstalling it, restarting the PC, and reinstalling a fresh download with my product keys) v2.21 keeps coming back on somehow, and asking me to upgrade to 3.06.

Thing is, 3.06 is running right alongside it!

Where is this reincarnated version of 2.2x coming from, and how do I get rid of it?!

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