MWB is removing other software on computer

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MWB is now defining some of my other software as malware even though I and the company know it is not. I use Advanced SystemCare and have for many years with no issues. Recently, with the last update, MWB has removed it from all my computers and refuses to allow it to be reinstallled. The company tells me they have complained to MWB but nobody there is responding. The only way I can get my other software back is to turn of MWB. For years they have played well together but no more. 

Not impressed with the lack of response from MWB to me or IOBIT

Unless MWB gets this sorted out I will dump it as yet another software company that does not look after it's customers.

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IOBit plagiarized Malwarebytes software.

Where have you been ?

You want to support a company whose mission statement is to steal the Intellectual Property of another company ?



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