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Restoring quarantined files vs version update first

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Hi, new to the forum and have read various solutions to how I should restore quarantined files but can't find a solution that works for me. Then having joined the forum I now see that MBAM is at version 3 whereas my (premium) version is


Firstly, I believe that if I uninstall current version to reinstall V3 (if indeed that is how I update?) then will any files in my quarantine folder be deleted?  If so, I am needing to restore my iObit Advance System Care files which for some reason were seen as 'bad file' and quarantined. I tried the usual restore method but I won't work, I also rebooted and tried and that failed too.


I then opened MBAM in developer mode and tried the same but it failed - each time it fails the error message says the files that I want to restore are in use by another application but I cannot see how as its a new reboot and I cant imagine how any files in quarantine could be in use by another application.


So, my questions are:


1 Can I update from V2.2.1 1043 to V3 by uninstalling and will I need use same key for premium access?

2 How come MBAM doesn't automatically do this?

3 Will version update above (if feasible) delete files in quarantine or not?

4 How can I best restore those files in quarantine?


Thanks for any help offered.


Steve B



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