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Cannot disable the AV

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Hello, i have the free version installed and i need to disable it for a certain time to do something on my PC - i've looked here on the forums for help to disable but a lot of the posts are outdated and i couldn't do much following the instructions in them. My version is apparently fully up to date, so there shouldn't be any problems regarding that.

Can someone tell me how to disable the AV? Thanks in advance.

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2 minutes ago, Telos said:

There is no AV. Maybe you mean disable "real-time protection"? That is in Settings.

By AV i mean the whole Antivirus/Program, my choice of words may be poor but i hope you understand what i mean. Where exactly in Settings would i disable it? I see nothing regarding real time protection

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6 minutes ago, Telos said:

There is no antivirus program in Malwarebytes AntiMalware (MBAM). Or are you asking how to whitelist your AV program (for example, Avira or BitDefender) within MBAM?

Again it seems my choice of words was poor, i apologise. I am asking how to temporarily disable(if it is possible) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware itself.

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Go to your Dashboard and disable (turn off) each of the four real time protection elements (see top right of graphic).


You should also be able to do this by right-clicking on the tray icon. Or turn them off in Settings (see below graphic):24b.png

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Yeah, it's a free version and it looks nothing like the one Telos posted. So the free version is not working unless i open it? That means it shouldn't have an effect on any programs i decide to open unless MBAM is open at the same time, right?

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