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VodStreamer trojan?

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Hi, i'm new to Malwarebytes forums and i don't know if this is the appropriate section for this.

I am using Malwarebytes premium trial, Windows 7

I accidentally opened a malicious program and now it is in my system, i don't know how to remove it with Malwarebytes because it doesn't detect it.

After opening the malicious program, it didn't do anything. It was just a plain cursor loading animation then back to normal, nothing opened.

I opened Task Manager to make sure it still runs (because i experienced a malware which it automatically closes the task manager when opened), Task manager still works fine.

But i noticed something new in Processes:


client.exe with the description "VodStreamer".

I know this is from the malicious program that i opened because when i viewed it's properties i read "VodStreamer".

I tried to End Process it but it says this:


After having these problems, i got worried.

I did a Threat Scan with Malwarebytes but no threat was found

After a few hours from the incident, Malwarebytes was showing these in Reports:




I never got these before until i opened that malicious program.

I think Malwarebytes was blocking the Trojan from sending my private information to it's website because it's an Outbound Connection.



How do i get rid of it?

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