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PUP or Not? Where's the Info So I Can Choose?


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Something I find very frustrating is the lack of info given to the end user when Malware is found.

When something is detected, it is very hard to know what it is and why it's been flagged. This is especially true for PUP's.

There needs to be a section which explains why something has been flagged, such as what criteria was met to be classed as malware.

Many PUP's are legitimate programs wrongly classed as malware. Because of this, people have started ignoring PUP and added them to the exclude list.

This is bad, because it means risky programs, inadvertently bypass malware detection because the end user doesn't trust the anti malware software anymore.

I understand business don't want to spend time developing a list of reasons for each malware. However; I don't think that necessarily has to be the case. Much of the information can be automated. After all, if an intelligent program can automatically detect it, it can automatically explain why it detected it.

Furthermore. Popular applications, such as Advanced System Care by IoBit, should have a detailed hand written report about why it's being flagged.

I just quarantine Advanced System Care after it was flagged today (15th March 2017), then read a report (see link) saying it was going to be removed from the DB of PUP applications back in Oct 2016. The question is then, if it's getting flagged, why remove it and if it's been removed, why has it been re-added? Does this mean the flagging criteria isn't valid?

I very weary of anything IoBit, so would like to know if it is malware and why it is. Flagging it and not giving a reason why, is counter productive. 

I would suggest, that if Malwarebytes wants to retain it's great reputation, it needs to up it's game.

Hope this helps :)


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