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Unable to receive email

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Unable to edit my post. I should add that with Web Protection off I *am* able to receive email. As Web Protection is the least important [for me] of MWB's Real-Time Protection options, I have no problem living without it. But will I pay once the free trial period is over? Haven't decided.

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20 minutes ago, Telos said:

@rontokyo Have you added your webmail host's email URL to the exclusions list? If you have, try removing it from the exclusions list. There are reports of webmail blockage when the URL is "excluded". For example...


No, email host URL was not added to exclusions list. But for the heck of it I just tried adding it, but no joy. Disabling Real-time Web Protection remains the only current option for me to receive mail.

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Let's first try a clean removal and reinstall and see if that helps or not.

Please read the following topic and then run the Malwarebytes Clean Removal tool mb-clean


The download link for the tool is:  https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean


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Yes, I did a clean removal and fresh install as instructed. Email issue persisted. Only now, my VPN wouldn't enable. Added it to the Exclusions, no joy. Tried again adding my webmail host's URL to Exclusions, once again, no joy. Turned off Real-time Web protection [which had enabled me to receive mail  when I first upgraded to 3.xx], but now no joy. So with all that I gave up.

I once again did a clean uninstall of MWB 3.xx and reinistalled the free version of MWB 2.xx -- which I'd been happily using for several years [beginning with MWB 1.xx -- and where I'm confident to remain happy. Attempting to make 3.xx work was proving to be waay too difficult and time consuming.

As a note, I'd posted several sets of logs a few days ago and never heard back from anyone with specific suggestions relevant to my situation. In any event, no hard feelings, but color me gone.

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