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Exploit Automatically Blocked but won't fix Firefox or let me run it

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I have a paid version of Malwarebytes 3.0 (which I cannot activate anymore thanks to a wonderful rootkit I am not sure it gone). But right now, I just wiped the drive, used a Linux command to supposedly destroy the MBR, and I have a clean install of Windows 10. The first thing I installed was your program. And now I have Commodo Internet Security Suite free and that's it. So, I went to install Firefox and this happened on the last clean install too. It runs awhile and then it gives me the message that it has blocked an exploit and used application hardening. And when I try to run it, it will wait cursor on me and stall and do nothing. And then about every 4th time, it will give me the error message again. It will never fix it or let me run Firefox again. I tried to run Firefox in safe mode so I could disable any extensions, but that didn't work either. It won't run Firefox in safe mode (I tried to run it from the command prompt). Now I admit I did run the sync with my Firefox account before I had this issue. I am attaching the log from MBAE I generated to help. But I am not convinced that this issue is not from the rootkit that no tool I have tried can fix. I have tried virtually everything out there in the last four days from this forum and many others. I actually have two hard drives with problems. The drive is not attached right now. I have been using gmer to diagnose. I hope you can help. Maybe you can diagnose this rootkit and help a lot of people. I know a tool out there that can put an mbr in a file for diagnosis. I don't know how to stop it from spreading if I do fix it on one drive and then want to get my files from the other drive. Any, hope you can help. Thanks, Dawn


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1 hour ago, DawnLynn said:

post in the malware thread which seems to get answers in a couple hours.

Not always, It is busy in that section and most of the advisors are volunteers and help in their spare time. You just have to be patient. And Dont "bump" your post. The helpers are looking for posts with 0 replies.

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