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MalwareBytes prevents me setting all files in a directory and it's sub directories to Read Only.

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Highlight all files and sub-folders in a Folder in explorer Ctrl/A to select all, right click and click properties in the menu then make sure read only is ticked and click apply. Never finishes with Malwarebytes running.

I will not be helping you find out what's going up because I've had enough and I'm uninstalling Malwarebytes completely.

Note: I am running under 64 bit Windows 7.


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I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with the software and I understand not wanting to deal with it any longer, but I did just want to add that I too am running Windows 7 x64 with Malwarebytes running in realtime and I just tried this same test on my own system inside a very large folder full of tons of files and subdirectories and I was able to set them all to read-only and reverse that change as well rather quickly even though Malwarebytes was running in realtime so my suspicion is that there is very likely some other component that Malwarebytes may be conflicting with, perhaps a driver or even a shell hook (since this task occurs within explorer.exe), which is resulting in this behavior.  Unfortunately such system/configuration specific issues can be very difficult to track down and while I am not asking that you assist us in troubleshooting, I will be keeping an eye out to see if any other users report similar behaviors to determine if there is some consistent pattern behind it for the sake of getting it fixed.

I tried this both on a regular folder with standard user permissions as well as a folder under ProgramData which required admin approval (UAC prompt) to perform the action and both went perfectly fine both ways (enabling the read-only attribute followed by removing it for all objects within the folder).

Anyway, while we're sorry to see you go, I totally understand why you might find these situations so frustrating when all you want is the software you purchased to simply do its job and work without interfering with your normal use of your system and other software.  That said, if you ever do decide to return to using Malwarebytes, whether the issues have been fixed for you or not, we'll always be here to provide any assistance that we can.

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