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I'm not great with computers, I thoughtmacs were protective and I git my credit card numbers stolen 3 times in 2 months.

after the first i was careful and aware of every payment I made and the only common denominator was the use of my new mac. 

Is there any way to make sure I don't have any maware that tracks credit card numbers used on my computer?


thank you

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  • Staff

It is highly unlikely that this was due to malware. Credit card compromises have become increasingly common these days, and usually involve a breach at a company where you've used your card, use of the card on an unsafe site, a phishing-style attack where a scammer manages to convince you to give up your card number, the hack of an online account with your credit card information stored in it, or some other similar issue.

Between Malwarebytes for Mac and the built-in anti-malware protection in macOS, you should be safe from all currently-known malware.

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Use chip cards with chip readers wherever possible, and put pressure on any local businesses that are still using swiped cards. (That's a great way to get your card number stolen, while chip cards use a unique one-time-use token for every transaction rather than exposing your card number.) Similarly, if you have an Apple Watch or a recent iPhone, Apple Pay is also highly secure and does not expose your credit card numbers to the merchant. As an added benefit, you can use Apple Pay on some websites as well.

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