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how to remove tmp.exe

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hy guys, sorry if i'm in wrong forum, i don't know where to star, and sorry for bad english i'm indonesian

why i'm always got g48f.tmp.exe in my process, it always show up when i boot my pc, and my browser getting weird. it always use this search for my browsing

http://mystart4.dealwifi.com/search/ and not google.co.id

i've just see another topic got the same problem and TwinHeadedEagle said i need to use   Farbar Recovery Scan Tool,   but he said i can't use same setting

so this my log



P.S : i've just got another problem like trotux and somethin' like that ( adware ) but it just fixed coz of adw removal (thx for it)

edit : aw i just reboot my pc and trotux back :/, here for screenshot





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Have you installed Malwarebytes and run a Threat Scan? You have some items in the logs that Malwarebytes should remove already.

Please download and install Malwarebytes and check for updates. Then do a Threat Scan and post back that log.





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