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Deploying Anti-Ransomeware via GPO

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Hello there,

first of all I want to thank MWB for this neat tool. Great job!

Subsequently I have two questions:
* Is it conform to deploy the tool in a state department with about 50 employees?

* If so, did anybody try this yet and succeeded? I've seen that the tool also runs a service and with tools like Advanced Installer services usually give me trouble...


Thanks and Greets

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Hi Jacobson,


thx for the reply. I didn't realize there was a MSI-Installer available. That's great news!

But unfortunately I don't seem to be able to locate a proper download location.

All I found was https://malwarebytes.app.box.com/s/znlajk1tlmzbm2x3vb4enkik7lreqxd9

which leads me back to the .exe

Could you be so nice and post a link to the MSI?

That'd be great!



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On 19.5.2017 at 11:13 PM, BurnoutTech said:

I know this is a completely rookie question - but I have never used the msiexec like that with GPO to install software.  My googlefu is failing me on this.  Can someone explain how they did this?


I don't quite get your question.


What are you trying to do?

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On 10.3.2017 at 6:15 PM, djacobson said:

Hey, no problem at all, I got you! It can be found in the full Endpoint Security download, grab that here - mbes_for_business package

It is in Unmanaged \ Windows \ MBARW_Business_setup.msi

Hi djacobson,

I keep getting pop-ups for "New Version Available" - this is not a problem for myself but for the employees all around.

Can you provide a link to an updated package? Or maybe to the folder on a FTP server, given it is existent and publicly available?


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