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Hi I have Malwayrebyte premium 3.0.6 which I like very much. I am on windows 10, professionnal,  32 bits.

I would like to make a "threat scan" daily" and a "custom deeper" scan once a week. 

It seem to be impossible. When aI schedule one or the other, and change type of scan, it change both scheduled type. I retried many times, being very careful about selecting just one of the scan (and checking the over  button) but now way. Whatever I do, ti change both to Normal or Custom. I really cannot schedule two differnt type of scan, which I would need. 

NOTE (edited) I finally get to do it by supressing all the settings, then creating new schedules, but other questiona or suggestiona remain. 

1 - Also, would it not be simpler is the scan name were the same all over, like in scan interface (threat hyper and custome) and in the setting interface (normal, hyper and threat.  Why in the world does Cutom become Normal on the scheduler (even if is say Custom when setting it. Change of naming  is sure confusing (and pointless) 

2 - Last thing, as many othera i have "real time protection turned of" every morning, when I open my PC.  Sure not not welcoming. 

Beside that, thank you for a nice piece of software. I love the new version!




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