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Hello @ColoradoGuy, @dprout69

We have released the latest version of Malwarebytes 3.0.6 with Component Update 4.1

This build has a lot of fixes for defects in CU versions 1.75 and older including the one for Real Time Protection not starting/stopping.

Please refer to the forum post below to get the latest build and also an idea of the fixes that have gone in.

Let us know if you run into any more issues.

Thank you,

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I just signed onto the forum for the first time in a few weeks to provide an update on my recent experiences, and saw your posting above. All in all, no issues with Malwarebytes for the past week.  I have been traveling for work a bit recently, so not online on my personal PC as much.

I was continuing to have the same issues until a recent update, which could be the one you mention. While I have not been tracking closely, this appears to have addressed (fixed?) the issue of not being able to turn web protection back on after it self turned itself off. I have had one instance in the last week where I received a popup saying that web protection had turned itself off. I was ready to reboot the PC to reset it, but tried instead to turn it back on via the menu bar, and surprise, it worked. 

So, while I still see a number of other threads of continuing issues, at least I was able to reset the web protection module and avoid a reboot.  For that I am thankful. It was always annoying to see that popup that protection was turned off when I was working on the PC, and had to close/restart.  Thank you.

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