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I've used the Internet before it was the Internet.  I've been pretty lucky, or at least watchful enough to avoid most major problems.  I've moved form the PC to Mac world a few years ago.

Old favorite sites such as cnet.com, tucows.com and others are no longer trustworthy places.  The only download portal I've felt comfortable with recently is Apple.com.  Apple of course "cannot get viruses."  As a result, anything about malware, etc. is carefully edited.

So where can one find a download portal that is not run by evil, malicious people bent on world domination?  I know a portal cannot be responsible for each piece of software, but they could react by removing software when there are complaints.  I realize that Apple, and in fact, Malware Bytes open themselves up for lawsuit if they make a statement that a site is dangerous, or they recommend a site that then has dangerous downloads.

All the sites have other sites that recommend them.  The malware programs create fake websites.  There are many layers and it's easy to create your own fan club on other websites.  I look at them suspiciously.   And a good "evil" tactic is to have a lot of legitimate software, to create good articles and even warn about malware.  What's a mother to do?  (old television ad commercial for anyone under 50).

Is there a relatively trustworthy portal?  Or a site that evaluates them?  Or a place that lists bad portals?  Or....or....or.

We all appreciate Malware Bytes that has had a stellar reputation for years.  There are others, as well.  But if a company works with a mission to create safer computing, why does it stop at creating cleaners?  Why not provide people some of the information it needs to prevention?  Yes, there are articles saying don't download something unless you know it is safe.  The biggest help to safer computing would be a registry of safe portals.


Oh, one other thing.  Why isn't MWB on the Apple App Store?  Since I've been told to use MWB by almost anyone I've spoken with, help me understand?  They tend only to carry tiny programs from unknown vendors.....do they charge some excessive speed for each click/download, so that only the desperate go on their site?  If so, where's a place to find safe and broadly marketed software?

Tell us where all the landmines are buried!

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On ‎3‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 0:38 AM, Ryqi said:

Apple of course "cannot get viruses." 

That statement is not true... there are malware/virus out there for MAC they are just not as popular... I have had to clean some in the past...

A place I like to get software at, but not sure if they have MAC software is Filehippo

Not sure why Malwarebytes is not on the app store, but you can get Malwarebytes for MAC HERE

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