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Malwarebytes Premium affecting bandwidth

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I have the most current version of Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium installed on Windows 10 Core I7 Ultrabook and am having what I would consider an unusual issue. I have a 300mbps Cox cable broadband connnection. When I am connected wirelessly my connection speeds are where they should be averaging anywhere from 330-350mbps with Cox Powerboost. When I am connected via gigabit ethernet my speeds max out on average at around 200mbps. I finally narrowed the issue down to the Web and Exploit protection shields in Malwarebytes. Once I disable both features my ethernet speeds match my wireless speeds. I am an experienced IT/Network admin and find it baffling that Malwarebytes is intuitive enough to filter the ethernet connection more agressively than the wireless. Whats even stranger is I can connect the same USB 3.0 Gigabit -Ethernet adapter to my work laptop which has very similar performance specs to my personal ultrabook with the exact same ethernet driver, network cable,Malwarebytes version, and I get the correct speeds on the same speedtest site and browser without the disabling the 2 shields mentioned previously. Weird right? As expected, I have covered all my troubleshooting bases...modem/router/laptop reset,different ethernet cable and network adapter, different port on router, clean install of Malwarebytes, cleared browser cache, different browser and speedtest site, DNS flush, release/renew, different network adapter driver, and added ip and domain of speedtest.net to exclusion list with no change. The only thing that ever resolves the issue on my peronal laptop is disabling those two shields and the issue is instantly resolved. Any ideas?

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See response from Mbytes tech support below there happybut....


"Welcome to Malwarebytes support, my name is Lisa and I’ll be assisting you today. To answer your final question, version 3.0.6 is a full version.

Regarding the issue of bandwidth, I’ve reached out to our QA department and will follow up with you as soon as I hear back from them."

Best regards,


sadbut now?:D

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