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"unable to contact the server" error

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My wife's computer manifested this malady yesterday for the second time in a few weeks, and I had to restart the computer to fix it  A short while ago, having read this thread, I downloaded the update shown in the message above my reply. When the newly-installed version of MBM started, it indicated that not all protection was enabled; which I determined to be the Malware Protection module.

I clicked on that, which promptly stalled, showing that is was starting; as it never went anywhere, I left MBM and restarted. Despite the theory that version had eliminated the "unable to contact the server" error, I got it for the second time in a few weeks, forcing me to again restart the computer. At least this time, when MBM restarted, it did not indicate that not all protection was enabled, which IF I remember correctly, was not true a few weeks ago; I think I had to manually enable one module that time.

Perhaps MalwareBytes should invest in a buggy whip manufacturer, to whip the buggy problems with the program....

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Hello @RetiredChief

We just released a new version of MB 3.0.6 CU4.1 . This new release has fixes for some of the issues reported in the past like Real time protection features not starting.

I would recommend trying the latest build for a few days and let us know how it want.

If you are still seeing issues we would be more than happy to collect logs and get to the root of the issues you are experiencing.

Please check the forum post below for the latest build and keep us posted how it went.

Thank you.

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