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Windows Defender Service Stopped / Won't Run / Set to Manual??

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I couldn't say initially that this is related to Malwarebytes 3.06.1469 update package 1.0.1419 BUT it seemed suspicious.  See below.

This is important because I use it on my customer's systems!!!

Today, on a Windows 7 Pro system, I found Windows Defender not running.  I've used Malwarebytes alongside Windows Defender VERY successfully on MANY computers for years.
So, my expectation is that 3.0 will continue to cooperate (as advertised).

The Windows Defender service was not running and was set to Manual.  It would not turn on.  I could set it to Automatic though.
A reboot fixed the problem ... for now.

Then I checked a Windows 8 system and almost the same thing.  Except now Windows Defender service is set on Manual and CANNOT be changed (grayed out).
A reboot of this system did nothing.  It remains as described.
On this system, using the Malwarebytes cleaner to remove Malwarebytes immediately caused Windows Defender to start up.  Imagine that.....

We need to be told the truth about interoperability in a timely fashion.  Too many other systems rely on our being well-informed and skillful.  

I just purchased another 10 licenses.  I wonder if that was a mistake?

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Hi fred :)

Windows Defender on Windows 7 isn't the same thing as Windows Defender on Windows 8+. On Windows 7, it's an on-demand scanner, while on Windows 8+, it's an Antivirus (basically an enhanced Microsoft Security Essentials). So technically on Windows 7, it shouldn't conflict with Malwarebytes 3.0 and vice-versa. On Windows 8+, Malwarebytes might disable Windows Defender if it is set to register in the Action Center. So if you disable that option, Windows Defender and Malwarebytes 3.0 should run side-by-side without any problem.


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