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malwarebytes blocking Outbound ip

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Right now while I use chrome I keep getting the Blocked website popup for this ip: for chrome.exe and Svchost.exe,  Im updated to the latest but I still get the popups I only started getting these popups 40mins when i was watching anime so im wondering if it is safe to add it to the exclusion list.

Update package version: 1.0.1403

Edit: Reset computer Still getting the ipblock popup now it seems chrome.exe is only one coming up.

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There's another thread about this, but I thought I would post this here. A fix has been implemented by MWB for this issue. Copied and pasted (from my post, not staff) in the other thread: 



I can confirm also that updating to package v 1.0.1404 fixes the problem.

Just right-click on the MWB icon in the system tray and click "check for updates."

Alternatively, it seems that if you run your browser in incognito mode, that stops the alerts as well.



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1 minute ago, kenny26 said:

Thank you. Please forgive my moment of blindness. The flashing block notification was very distracting. Thank you Malwarebytes for fixing this. rcr4545 is correct, all I had to do was manually update my Malwarebytes.

No problem. Glad it worked for you. I got a virus a couple months ago and reinstalled my OS, but the popups were freaking me out this morning making me think I had missed it somehow.

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I have the same thing. it started at 10:42 last night mountain time.  It says svchost32 and chrome.exe.  Blocks 5 digit ports that start with 5 and 6. I have scanned a couple times and found nothing.

I looked up the IP address and found this.

NetRange: -
NetName:        MCAST-NET
NetHandle:      NET-224-0-0-0-1
Parent:          ()
NetType:        IANA Special Use
Organization:   Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)
RegDate:        1991-05-22
Updated:        2013-08-30
Comment:        Addresses starting with a number between 224 and 239 are used for IP multicast.  IP multicast is a technology for efficiently sending the same content to multiple destinations.  It is commonly used for distributing financial information and video streams, among other things.
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Just to follow up, we pushed an update that fixes this. To fix the issue, simply update your copy of Malwarebytes (e.g. Malwarebytes 3.0 or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.x) then reboot your PC.

If needed, here are the database versions that fix this:

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.x Version: v2017.03.02.09
  • Malwarebytes 3 Version: 1.0.1404

If needed, here are the directions to update the database to the latest version:

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.x: Right click the Malwarebytes icon in the Notification Tray of Windows and select Check for Updates OR click the Update link in the Database Version field of the Dashboard.
  • Malwarebytes 3.0: Right click the Malwarebytes icon in the Notification Tray of Windows and select Check for Updates OR select the clickable link next to the word Updates under Scan Status of the Dashboard.
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