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For those running MB 3.0, can you please try quitting Malwarebytes completely and then relaunching to see if this stops the blocks?

Right-click on tray and choose 'Quit Malwarebytes'.  Then re-launch.

Or, you can also try rebooting your system.  

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6 minutes ago, mbates14 said:

As I posted in the other thread, There are now 2 threads.... 

this is the SSDP service broadcast IP address, and its critical for chrome to discover its chromecast among other things, AS WELL AS Windows uses it to discover printers and some other stuff. 

No its still not fixed, and who in their right mind Employed at MB would add that IP address to the blacklist? This HAS GOT to be a practical joke. 

Because its not very smart. 

Not a joke, it was accidentally added to the database. Unfortunately, mistakes sometimes happen, despite every attempt being made to prevent them.

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I'm talking with the product and support teams as I've not seen a cached block survive a reboot previously.

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1 minute ago, Berna said:

Oh, it's called 'Update package version'. I was looking for 'database'. Thanks!

Agreed. Database version should reflect date etc as others in this thread have reported. "Update package version" is likely the software component that manages the updates.

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