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Failed on Spora Ransomware


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I have the Anti-Ransomware Beta installed on my PC, as I was once attacked with a crypto-locker.

Yesterday I was attacked this time with Spora Ransomware, which modifies files without renaming it, and it seems that the Anti-Ransomware didn't detect it.

I stopped it quickly, but I would like to know if you identified it.

Attached a doc that was encrypted




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Hello @emilecohl and :welcome:

The MBARW devs must have good, detailed, documentation for a quality analysis.  Please consider running the following Malwarebytes written data gathering Support Tool:

1.) Download arwlogs.exe to an Administrator desktop of the system in question.
2.) Right-click the arwlogs.exe icon and select "Run as administrator".  A zipped archive should soon be generated to the Administrator desktop.
3.) Rather than email the archive as the tool directs, please attach the archive to your next reply in this topic.

Additionally, can you please estimate the system time the attack occurred, and how were you able to determine what ransomware made the attack and what was its variant?  Does the system have a premium version of MBAM and/or MBAE?

Although more data may be required, after the requested data is posted, the Malwarebytes' QA & Developer Teams, and staffers can commence their analysis.  Thank you always for your assistance.

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