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Should I use Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool


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I'm running Windows 7 Professional. The only thing I have used for security for years is Malwarebytes and Avast and I have never had any problems. This morning Windows alerted me to download system updates. Among them was  Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. I did not download as I am not familiar with this and hesitate to add anything unknown when I have been doing so well avoiding problems. Should I let the system install this? 


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A new version of the removal tool is included with every 'Patch Tuesday', for a home user it downloads, runs once to check your computer, and then that's it till next month.


More information:




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I wondering why the program needs to download the whole program it shelf ( MRT.exe )(~10MB) every time and not only the "data base". This is a problem for me because I live away from town and I use tethering (paid Internet) to update my system (Win7). That's the secondly reason I try to get rid of this but mainly I wondering why the WMSRT never have found an infection. :(

So, thats the really question:

If WMSRT it's necessary, why the WMSRT have never found any infection at my PC the last past years till now?

Personally, From 2009 till now I never use an anti virus and I'm fixing my (weak) PC manually or I use FREE tools (like adwcleaner, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, ect.) to make a scan (to check if and) when my PC is infected. With this way, I save some CPU power and Memory usage too from my old and weak PC.

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