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How to return to previous version of MWB after installing trial version

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I have been using MWB on my Win7 system for several years successfully. Yesterday I received a newsletter from 

Malwarebyte Products. At the bottom of the email I was given the opportunity to check out the newest version 3.0.

I downloaded and installed the product then initiated a scan. It got 'hung up' in the middle of the scan and refused to continue on so I finally stopped it.
Immediately my system ceased to be responsive and therefore not usable. I diagnosed the problem using the task manager and found multiple instances of a process called
consent.exe. I searched for online solutions using my backup computer and found many suggestions about how to fix this problem. I booted into safe mode and found a 'restore point'
that was only 4 days old. I performed the restore but it failed to successfully complete. I rebooted in regular mode and it worked fine for several minutems then slowed down again and
sure enough there was another consent.exe in the task manager listing. I rebooted into SAFE mode and initiated a scan using the updated version of MWB. It ran about 5 minutes and looked normal then although the timer kept ticking the number of files checked stopped incrementing and the file name being scanned stayed the same.
Now I am not blaming MWB version 3 for my difficulties but it was the last thing I did on my system before this problem occurred.
So I am currently running in SAFE mode on that system. What I want to do is to REMOVE the Version 3 upgrade and return to the version that worked for me.
If I UNINSTALL V3 will I have to REINSTALL the previous version or will it magically re appear?
I do have a full system backup but it is from months ago. I do have a fairly recent backup of critical files but I really don't want to go through that process if I don't have to.
I do appreciate your patience given the length of this post. Can you help me out?
Thanks for anything you might be able to do.
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Hello and Welcome!

Sorry you had issues with version 3.  If you want to revert back to version 2 you can do so.

First if you have v3 activated, you need to deactivate it first to avoid issues later during v2 install
Next you need to uninstall v3 by doing so from the control panel (add and remove programs)
Next you can download v2 from here: https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/web/mbam-setup-
Install it and activate it and your back in business.  If you do not want your v2 to notify you about updating to v3 then you need to disable program updates.

Here is an excellent guide to install v2: How do I install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?

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