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Email Notification Setup

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I'm trying to setup email notifications but the test email will not go through.  I've used all the settings that I usually use when setting up email accounts on the computers but it still doesn't want to work.  I get the message " Failure sending mail".  This is a POP3 account not exchange.  Do I need to do something else?  Thank you.

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The email alert function uses SMTP, which is meant more for sending/forwarding emails to an email server for further distribution. POP3 is incoming email retrieval from a server. Using the POP3 address is not going to work, the console cannot receive or sync emails like email client software, it cannot be set up in the same way.

See this link for an overview of the differences; SMTP vs IMAP vs POP3: http://www.jscape.com/blog/smtp-vs-imap-vs-pop3-difference

Looking up plusmailproz, I can see that they have an SMTP address:

Server: smtp.plusmailproz.com
SMTP Port: 587 (or sometimes 25)

I cannot find any info on whether or not they use SSL/TLS so you will need to experiment with having that setting on or off.


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You may need a few settings changed on the email host side. I'm not sure what that would be but I know in Gmail, you have to set permissions in order for it to be able to accept the connection. It might be a good idea to engage your ISP and plusmailproz's support and see what they suggest. If your ISP is Neonova - https://neonova.net/solutions/residential-services/email/ - it appears that the plusmailproz they use is hosted by Zimbra. Zimbra provides a Wiki on how to connect to their IMAP and SMTP and how to enable it to do so, see this link - https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Outgoing_SMTP_Authentication


465 is common. If 587 and 465 did not work, try 25. Here's an example from my test environment with Gmail...


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