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Why Turn Off Scan Within Archives 1.0.75 ?

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As far as I know it shouldn't be turned off by default.

You might want it off to speed up scanning or if you know you have something MalwareBytes thinks is bad inside one of your archive files (though in that case a better idea is to use an archive with a password).

There are separate scan within archive options on each scheduled scan.

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I remember when 1.0.75 came out it was in the locked post (no longer present?).

Maurice said....

""Please do one adjustment in Malwarebytes.

Click Settings. Click Protection tab & scroll down to Scan options. Be sure Scan within archives is set to OFF.""



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Maybe it was only to troubleshoot an issue that a user was having, and not a recommendation for all users. Keep in mind that most of the instructions posted here are specific to the user/system that is being worked on for troubleshooting purposes, they aren't meant as "recommendations" or "solutions" for everyone.

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The recommendatiop to turn off the scanning for archived files is 2 fold.  One, that is something to can get some systems into a stalled or freezup situation if they have a huge amount of archive files.   ( maybe not on yours, but there are folks out there who do have huge numbers of such files).

Two, scanning of archive files ( zip, rar, etc.) is best left to the antivirus program.  Not for Malwabytes.

To Syrob, allow me some time and I will get back with you on your ticket.   It's not recommended that you post here while a case is going on.   There is a risk of having too many chefs around.

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