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Completely bizarre occurrence post Windows 10 upgrade


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I preface this by stating that I would never believe this could happen if someone else told me it happened.

I have a laptop running Windows 10.  Everyone knows how this OS forces you to do things you may otherwise want to wait to do later.  The anniversary 1607 upgrade was set to run.  I didn't realize this was akin to installing the OS, but this is irrelevant now.  I quickly went and saved a number of files I had open and a notepad file had not been saved, so I quickly "saved as".  So, once this upgrade and a ton of other updates completed, I went back to open a number of notepad files.  The one that I saved last (the save as) did not have the content it had when I saved it.  In fact, and this is the unbelievable part, it contained a draft of a thank you note I wrote a year ago.  I didn't even have the computer w/ Windows 10 back then.  I wrote it on another one of my laptops (let's call it W7), saved it, and NEVER opened it again.  Nor did I ever email it as an attachment, put it on a flash, or otherwise transfer it.  It was a hand-written thank you note.

I have two theories that are equally absurd.  The first I believe a little more than the second.  I think when I "saved as" on the W10 machine, I named it the same as the year-old note I created on the W7 machine.  Somehow the two computers "communicated" and the original file from W7 replaced the newer W10 file.  The other theory is that I didn't save it as that name, but somehow the W10 machine "communicated" w/ the W7 machine and imported it.  These are really, really ridiculous ideas, but the bottom line is that the content from the W7 machine was NEVER on the W10 machine.  How could it possibly get there?  Anytime I see something about allowing my computer to share with others, I disable it, but perhaps the W10 machine communicated with it.

Any insight would be great.  I am considering rolling back the version and hoping something even more ridiculous might happen.


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If you did the save in a hurry you may find that you have saved the 'new' document to the cloud.

Notepad, and other MS text editors default to OneDrive in the saveas path.


As for the old file, what date is shown on it?

Are you sure you never copied it between machines?

(Did you somehow manage to save that file to onedrive in the past?)


My guess - when you came to save the 'new' file in a hurry you used the same name as an existing file, and because you were in a hurry you neglected to click on the 'OK to overwrite' pop-up.


PS. It seems a bit late for WIn10 to be doing an Automatic update to 1607, at least 6 months late. Has the machine been switched off for all that time?

If not you may find that your AV has been/is blocking Windows updates.

I cleaned out a friends laptop the other week and the firewall on her AVG had been wrongly blocking all Windows updates including security updates for over a year.

Apparently it was/is well known for doing it.

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