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I've been using malwarebytes for a long time (I have a lifetime license) so far without major issues.
With version 3 I had some problems like powerpoint not open etc. But now it's ok. With this new version - 1.0.75 I discovered that if I deactivate the startup with windows in fact the icon does not appear in the quick access bar. But if I go to the task manager the malwarebytes service is up and running. I think this is not normal.
Thank you for your help

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Hello @carmor and :welcome:

If the system in question has had the mb3-setup-consumer- CU3 Feb24.exe version, via the download link within https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/196391-beta-preview-of-next-306-update/?do=findComment&comment=1102343 installed, then please use @bdubrow's post at https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/190532-having-problems-using-malwarebytes-please-follow-these-steps/?do=findComment&comment=1072042 to provide troubleshooting data for Malwarebytes' developers/staffers.

However, if the above update has not been made, please do so and reply to this thread with the system's status.  Also, please consider left-clicking the "Follow" button, near the upper-right corner of this topic, to receive timely email notifications about updates to your topic.  Thank you.

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