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Realtime Protection - disabling self protection gets it working

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Had issues with website protection failing to start/stuck in "starting" - followed the topic"Real-time protection layer turning off? Try this:" and by turning off self protection the website protection started working -but does this not create a new problem (disabled self protection) by fixing a problem (enabling website protection)?

In my mind this causes a problem were an exploit can now attack Malwarebytes and with self protection off, cycle down the components while it does it's dirty work -

I'm running version component 1.0.50 update 1.0.1364

this is not a crushing issue - but a problem that should be resolved.


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Hello @Paul_R and :welcome:

Please consider an update to Component package version: 1.0.75 Feb24 via the download link within https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/196391-beta-preview-of-next-306-update/?do=findComment&comment=1102343 and follow with at least one system restart.

Then, please post a reply here with the status of your system's issue.

Thank you.

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 Thanks 1PW for the Welcome and the Patch - installed, worked immediately but gave an error out of date (before rebooting) checked settings and self protect back on and all services active - then rebooted and still up and running properly at this point - no longer says out of date - all systems go.

I'll re report if something crops back up

Now - do you have winning lotto numbers... ;)-

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