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I've been trying to get MB3 to work ever since the update announcement went out over the 2 update mechanism. I've wiped the whole program over and over again, disabled just about every program i could imagine interfering, whitelisted under MSE, tried every combination I can think of of installing and wiping in both safe mode and regular mode. I've uninstalled and manually gone through the registry annihilating every trace of "Malwarebytes" or "mbam", reenabled windows services to automatic that had long been set to manual start for performance reasons, and even tried to go back to 2- a futile effort since 2 won't work now either. I've tried scanning with chameleon, fileassassin, all the old utilities in case there was evidence of a rootkit or other malware infection- there's none that I'm able to find. No matter how many uninstalls, reinstalls and reboots I go through, the program just won't open - a quick desktop flicker of window focus and then nothing. Task manager never seems to catch it in the process list. None of the executables will open. I try launching the service from the services panel, it starts and then immediately stops. The service log runs through the same set of statements every time and just stops logging at CCInitialize.

I've attached all requested reports in a zip file. It'll decrypt with my username for the sake of at least trying to prevent passive collection by others- FRST sucks up way more data about my ancient system than I'm comfortable with having online and I'd appreciate it if you'd remove the attachment as soon as you grab it. I'm rolling Win7 Ultimate x64 with most patches installed- I hid any to do with the win10 update campaign or telemetry additions, which isn't that many at this point.

Thanks for your time.



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Hello @gildedlink and :welcome:

I have reviewed your logs and part of the issue is that your system appears to be unable to access our licensing and activation system. I'll send you a private message with some further information to assist you in making some corrections to your system.

Thank you



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