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This shouldn't happen


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Well you simply wouldn’t believe it!

I have lost 3 hours this evening, after carrying out a scan on one of my two hard drives which are fitted inside my desktop Win 10 Sp1 computer and discovering three minor infections which were erased just for the sake of a clean system.

I reset the machine then having done a little work I switched it off. Sometime later I turned it back on but got distracted. It was not until I tuned into the noise emanating from the cooling fan which was now going berserk, presumably whilst trying to cool the machine, that I realised anything was amiss.

I had a deal of trouble just accessing the control panel and subsequently Task Manager as every step I took seemed to be barred. When I finally got Task Manger to run properly it showed that Malwarebytes was using 93% of my CPU.

I was unable to cease MB  even after I restarted the machine and logged in as admin. After much ado I managed to uninstall MB and things returned to a somewhat normal state.

Whilst trying to write asking for advice, the power to my home has been disconnected-reconnected and disconnected twice. In each case just prior to my completing the detail at the stage where I was about to sign off and before I had the opportunity to save a complete document. I have stubbed my toe whilst looking for a torch and of course lost everything i'd written each time.  

I have used MB for a long time now, and cannot now recall what or where the registration details are stored. If it is possible, the uninstall & I hope re-install will resolve matters that’s fine. I’ll hopefully find the reg details & put it down to a glitch. If it is not the case……EEEEELP!!!

I cannot now supply the details I read you require, a zipped copy of the log etc for at least two reasons.

  1. I cant find the details again of what it is you require, having discovered the list whilst on my first log in to this forum just a few hours ago.
  2. I have run out of the time, I had hoped to use it for another purpose but that too must now wait.

If you think it worth my effort to comply with your wishes (supply the log etc)  in an effort to resolve this problem. Please say so and I’ll work on it as soon as I can.

For the moment i'm off to bed having realised, I'm on a looser tonight 

Thanks in advance 

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  • Root Admin

Please read the following topic and then run the Malwarebytes Clean Removal tool mb-clean


The download link for the tool is:  https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean

Restart the computer when done and reinstall Malwarebytes 3 with the latest build again.

Here is the link for the latest installer


You may download this installer from this link.

Let me know how that works

Thank you



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