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Trend Micro blocking while MBAM is scanning

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I visited this site about a month ago, and after much work, you guys helped me clear up a trojan. Well, I'm back with a different problem(s).

1. While doing a MBAM quick scan, my trend micro alert will pop-up stating that mbam.exe is attempting to perform an unexpected action on a windows process -

C:\windows\system32\userinit.exe --- and it says it blocked it. Also, my MBAM is not detecting any malicious items during the scan.

2. Trendmicro was scheduled to run an automatic scan last night and showed up with two viruses/trojans (Troj-swizzor.TND) that it quarantined. --- replace.exe located in C:\hp\bin and also A0007555.exe located in C:\system volume info\restore. -----IS IT SAFE FOR ME TO CLEAN THESE AND THEN DELETE THEM FROM QUARANTINE?

I'm not sure why my Trendmicro is blocking some of the scan items during the MBAM scan and that's what it was doing about a month ago ---- it seems like it happends after I do a MBAM update.

Please instruct me on what to do in this situation, do I just let my trendmicro clean these trojans that it found or is there more I need to do?

Thank you in advance.

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My TrendMicro Subscription ends in 13 days, I am thinking about just letting it expire and go with another Antivirus --- I forgot the programs that were suggested to me on this site before --- but would like to see if you guys have any other recommendations. Are the free programs just as effective as the ones we pay for?

Thanks again.

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Dlmarti, make sure you completly remove Trend then I recommend avast! Free:


Free registration

avast! antivirus Home Edition is FREE to use but it is necessary to register before the end of the initial 60 day trial period. Following the registration you will receive by e-mail a license key valid for a period of 1 year. After you have downloaded and installed the program, the license key must be inserted into it within 60 days. The registration process is very easy, and it will take you only a couple of minutes.

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Thanks for the suggestions about the free AV software. I will probably do that within the next day or two. However, I would like to know if it is safe for me to allow Trend Micro to clean the two trojans it has quarantined. They are listed in my original post.

Thanks guys!


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Sure! Update or download the DB updates, from Trend Micro, and perform a full scan pleaase. It should give you 3 choices if it still picks up trojans, unless there in quaratine... Ignore, Clean, Remove, Remove from Quaratine would be best. It will remove the trojans off your pc. post back please if we can be of any other help. regards..

EDIT: download the installer.exe onto your desktop from Avast or Avira? whichever you choose. Don't let your TM AV expire, and get stuck without AV protection..

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Do I remove my Trend Micro before I download the free version of Avira/Avast?

I haven't decided which one I'm going to use, but my trend micro ends on August 1, so I will be making a decision tomorrow.

In your opinion, which one is more user friendly?



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If you remove your Trend Micro? go into your control Panel, Add/Remove programs, look for it and click remove. (it may? ask for a restart?) Theres a link to a trend Micro Clean tool, to make sure all the little dll files are gone also. in plane english - junk. Good luck on what you choose. There both good programs, Please post back if you have any issues or problems. regards...

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