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I am new to Android phones, but I have installed Malwarebytes Mobile. First few scans didn't report anything but now scans report that 1 Malware has been detected. It shows a green Android Icon with the name Android/PUP.Adware.YeMobi.a and shows a path /system/app/Fire_push/Fire_push.apk.

By default it is checked/ticked but if I click the big blue "Delete" button it asks me if I want to uninstall "Android Communication Sync" ? If I click OK it says Uninstall unsuccessful

Is this a false positive? Should I be trying to uninstall Android Communication Sync? I can force a stop under Settings/Apps but don't know if I should be doing that or not?

 I would appreciate any advice on this.




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Hi Everyone,

It appears that PUP.Riskware.YeMobi.a is indeed a pre-baked system app on some phones manufactured by BLU. It is not unusual for this to happen from time to time on some of these budget devices. The apps in question fire.apk (package name com.data.acquisition) and AdupsFota.apk (package name com.adups.fota) both contain code with PUP.Riskware.YeMobi.a.

PUP is known as Potentially Unwanted Programs which is a lesser threat than malware, and simply warns users of its presence. Riskware is a sub category of PUP. Once again, this is NOT considered malware.

Because these apps are system apps, they cannot be removed. The only options are to ignore the app (which you can easily do with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile) or to root the phone and install a custom ROM; a complex and risky process that could result in a unusable phone. If you choose the option of installing a custom ROM, know that you do this at your own risk.

I hope this answers everyone's concerns,
Nathan C
Malwarebytes Mobile Researher



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Nathan C, thank you for your reply, I have forwarded this to Blu Products for their response.

However, one thing dosent make sense. I first installed Malwarebytes around 20th Jan. At that time the software did an initial scan and reported No Issues.

The Scanner history then shows dozens of scans, some scheduled, others after Apps have been installed or updated and all reported No issues up until Feb 7th when it first reported this 1 Malware. If this malware code was a "Pre baked system App" by which I assume you mean it was supplied with the phone, then why did Malwarebytes take almost 2.5 weeks to find it?

Looking at the Scanner History I have just noticed that this Malware was reported in the first scan that was done after I activated the McAfee mobile Security trial installation that was supplied with the phone. Since then every scan has given this 1 Malware report.  FYI, after the free trial expired, I downloaded McAfee again directly from their website so that I could activate it using the multi-user McAfee licence that I already have access to and use for several other computers. 

I find it hard to believe that McAfee would be supplying malware but could there be some connection or some bad interaction/detection between Malwarebytes and McAfee? 

Is anyone else that is having this problem also using McAfee?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards




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