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AVG finds Trojan in 7zip installer, MBAM does not

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I use AVG paid for and MBAM free.  All programs are the latest versions, and both have the latest databases.


This morning when I logged onto my computer, to my horror, I found that AVG had popped up a dialog saying that the installer program for 7zip, 7z1604-x64.exe, harbors the Trojan horse Atros5.AYO.  Check out the attached screen shot.


So, I opened MBAM, updated its database, and then scanned my entire directory where I store all installer files.  MBAM found no issues whatsoever.  See attached screen shot.


I then went to https://www.virustotal.com and uploaded 7z1604-x64.exe and forced it to re-analyse it.  Virustotal likewise found nothing, including, bizarrely, its version of AVG!  See attached screen shot.


What are your recommendations on how I should handle this?  Is AVG known for false alarms, or are they among the first to identify new threats?


I note a related but distinct inquiry on this forum about 3.5 years ago:





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Hi CaptainHindsight :)

If you downloaded that installer from the official 7-Zip website, and no Antivirus detected it on VirusTotal, it is most likely a false positive from AVG. All you have to do is ignore the detection, report the false positive to AVG (if you want) and move on.

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Aura: thanks for your response.


I did download this installer from the official 7-Zip website.  I too now conclude that AVG must have reported a false positive this morning.  Reason: after it auto updated its database later today, I right clicked on the installer and did a dedicated scan of it with AVG and now AVG thinks that it is fine.

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