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MB3 Heuristics Analysis SCANNING non-stop 3, 4, 5 hours or more

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I have written it already several times:

Delete MB 3.06.1469 completely and don't reinstall it but revert to Anti-Malware 2 like many other customers of MB already did it.

When MB is capable to release a provably well running version of MB 3, you can install MB 3 again.

If you presently install MB 3 you are used by MB as an unvoluntary guinea pig testing their much too buggy current version of MB 3.

If you have purchased a license for 3.06.1469 or its previous versions your license is also valid for Anti-Malware 2.

You find Anti-Malware 2 here:



@ the staff of MB

I realy like your Anti-Malware 2, your Anti Exploit and your enterprise and its philosophy in general. 

But what your are doing at time with your customers by publishing such a buggy program like MB 3 is to my mind more than sketchy.

As long as you aren't able to release a satisfying version of MB3., you also should give the general advice to all of your customers to revert to Anti-Malware 2.

Or finally make your homework and release a well running version of MB3.

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On ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 7:58 AM, GMork said:

I have written it already several times:

"Delete MB 3.06.1469 completely and don't reinstall it but revert to Anti-Malware 2 "


 MB3 includes Web, Exploit, as well as Ransomware protection not just the Anti-Malware, before when I was running MB2, I also had to have an anti-exploit license,  I was running MBARW- beta free but nothing said it was WEB protection.   Isn't there a lot of difference in what the programs do .. to just make the switch?

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Hi Devin,   Thanks for your response, however, I uninstalled MB3 and reverted back to MB2,  Of course I can always go back I guess, just figured my Quad core 1.65mhz computer may not be robust enough to handle MB3, because on my other 2 computers which are i5 and i7  I am having little to no problems with the latest update to MB3.0.6.1469  (1.0.69).   Do you want me to reinstall MB3 and run that file?


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On 2/13/2017 at 5:50 AM, Kurttb1 said:

I have been restarting my computer to stop the Heuristic Analysis scan, however, there must be an update or new version.  I am using,   Do I need to reinstall or does anyone know?

Does this help?


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