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Notifications Interupts Gameplay


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Hello. I'm wondering if you can add an option to Malwarebytes to stop notification interruptions during gameplay.

Example: I'm on Minecraft and a notice of 'Awesome, your protected' or something to that extent pops up and pauses the game.

This pausing action is very frustrating during a crucial moment. Please make it so popup notifications can be disabled for selected apps or programs.

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Hello and welcome :)

Thanks for the suggestion.  Yes, adding something like a 'quiet' or 'gaming' mode is definitely something we're considering adding for just these types of situations.  I do not know precisely if or when this feature is to be added for certain, but I do know it is something that we have been looking into so hopefully we will see it in a future version of Malwarebytes.

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On 3/2/2017 at 9:12 AM, downtownjuliebrown said:

Have you guys ever considered adding an auto exclude button for the pop up notification?    Would be nice to have versus manually going finding the folder and process to add it to the exclusion list.   

Yes, we actually used to have one back in the 1.x days but found that too many users were confused by it and/or would accidentally click the 'ignore'/'exclude' button by mistake when they actually did not intend to (for actual malware detections etc.) and would end up infected.  The same would often occur for blocked malicious websites, which also had a similar 'exclude' button in its notifications so for now, even though it's definitely a bit of a hassle, we've made it a bit more cumbersome just to ensure that when a user creates an exclusion, it is actually what they are intending to do and not just an arbitrary/accidental click.  That said, there are a few ways we could likely make this easier, such as auto-populating the exclusion dialog when a user utilizes this function for detections in history/logs/notifications etc. so that there's a lot less work on your part when attempting to add an exclusion.  That should keep things relatively safe while not being so tedious when attempting to exclude something.

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