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MWB 3rd Party Deployment

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I am running MWB enterprise and noticed some issues with deployments.

1) If I scan a subnet using MWB console, it only finds a few machines (All pre-reqs have been met)

I am thinking this may be because the MWB console is on a different network then workstations?

I still do not understand why some machines get discovered but not others.


So we have had to use a 3rd party program to deploy MWB to workstations.

Question: Is deploying MWB via deployment tools supported?

I have noticed that on some machines, I have to reboot before MWB will start running. This is very intermittent and does not happen with all machines that we deploy MWB to.


Please advise.

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You are likely experiencing new netbios name service restrictions. Check those machines for certain Windows update KB numbers. These recent updates have restricted using netbios across subnets and VLANS (and within the same subnet if the server also has the update installed), so the machines will not show up. 

The updates in question which block netbios are KB3161949, KB3163017 and KB3163018. There's four options available:

  1. Modify (if existing) or create the registry key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NetBT|AllowNBToInternet a 32 bit dword with a value of 1.
  2. You can also bypass this with a GPO to allow an exception for netbios if you are using Windows Firewall:image003.jpg.e09b5ff4be8ffe6a09f589d34e872933.jpg
  3. Use an offline installer package created by the console in Policy -> Create Installation Package to install locally or through GPO/SCCM.
  4. Remove the updates from the server and the endpoint temporarily.
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