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Edge we-are-gamers.com Browser Hijack

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I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.  I run the included Windows Defender anti-virus/-malware/-spyware tool.

My assumption is this is a browser hijack, but it may be worse?

Today, when I opened the Edge browser (which was working fine last night) there was an inner pop-up (part of the webpage itself) against a blank screen in my Edge browser that said I require a Flash Player update.  I thought this was most likely not legit so I used task manager to immediately close my browser.  I opened the Chrome browser to see if it was an issue there.  I had no problem with the Chrome browser. 

I proceeded directly to windows defender and ran a scan and it found nothing.  Then I proceeded to Malwarebytes.com and downloaded the latest free version (using the Chrome browser), updated to the latest definitions and ran a scan.  Malwarebytes also found nothing.

I then downloaded spybot search and destroy and ran a scan and it found nothing.  I then uninstalled the spybot search and destroy product as it's unnerving when it has to disable your current AV (Defender) in order to run.

I opened my Edge browser again and a different page popped up with the domain we-are-gamers.com displaying an anime cartoon still picture which looks like a video game ad with an inner pop-up telling me if I want to proceed to we-are-gamers.com, I have to verify I'm 18 or older by clicking a button.  Meanwhile, Malwarebytes shows an alert in the service tray regarding blocking outbound traffic to we-are-gamers.com.  I then opened task manager and closed the browser again that way.

I logged into my router using Chrome and blocked the we-are-gamers.com web site, but I still get the same anime cartoon image with the pop-up regarding confirmation of age and the message from Malwarebytes in the service tray about blocked outbound traffic to we-are-gamers.com.

Has anyone seen this one yet and does anyone know how to get rid of it?

Thanks, in advance, for your time.

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