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Profile corruption - leaving MBAM until issue fixed

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Another longtime unhappy customer. I have a lifetime license and recommend MBAM to all my clients (I freelance in desktop support), but I experienced the profile corruption issue that many have described here: updated MBAM to 3.0.6, found the issue with web protection not turning on, followed instructions to tweak startup settings, restarted computer and was unable to log into my Windows 10 profile. I tried many steps to recover profile including registry edits, recreating profile, uninstalling MBAM, etc but ultimately had to revert to a System Restore point (thank goodness for those) and now have my profile recovered. I am loathe to reinstall MBAM while this seems to be an issue for some.

I realize every computer is different and so since not everyone is having this problem, it's been tricky for MBAM devs to isolate the criteria that causes it to happen; however, in perusing through the forum here and seeing how many people HAVE been affected, I don't think it can be denied that it's a bona fide issue that needs examination.

I will be checking back to these forums in hopes that this will be acknowledged so resources can be devoted to resolution. I like a lot of the new features of MBAM3 and would like to continue recommending it to my clients, but at the moment I have lost confidence. Devs, please look into this as diligently as you can.

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Same here, lifetime license, repair pc's/laptops, recommend mbam to everyone I deal with. Now this issue with web protection won't turn on. After several days of trying solutions recommended in the forums, I realized  I've wasted too much of my valuable time dealing with this and uninstalled it altogether. I think I'll wait this out and try again once they get it right. Never have I had an issue with Malwarebytes until the latest release.


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