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sync-eu.exe.bid blocked (probably appropriately)


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In the last week MAWB has been blocking the URL noted in the attached .txt file.

It gets blocked whenever I select (but don't open) "Merriam-Webster Word-of-the -day" emails in Outlook.

I've gone back many weeks in those saved emails and the URL is blocked there also - although it hadn't been blocked initially.

I'm not the only one experiencing this as others on the net have the same problem, although theirs seems to be with net sites viewed from a browser.

How do I get rid of this annoyance?


Thanks log .txt

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Thanks for the info Pondus, but I'm getting this site blocked when I simply highlight an email in outlook (I don't select it and open it).

Also after posting here I had a different email exhibiting the same behavior where it never had before.

This seems to me to be a virus infecting daily emails which I subscribe to.

Infecting daily email subscriptions seems like a great way to spread a virus.

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