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RAT(s) and "Signal Catcher" detected. Please help.

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I've been trying  to disinfect/secure devices since 8/16. I've had them professionally "cleaned", wiped twice changed ISP, changed carriers, replaced router, finally disconnected home internet, and replaced devices. Yet, I am still infected. 

Oh, add to that ID theft, mail theft, bank fraud, credit card fraud... yep the whole shabang. 

Ive tried every reputable AV/AW/Security software I can find, including Malwarebytes Premium Home Edition, and Malwarebytes Antiexploit. As with every other AV/AW, it was disabled/altered so it became useless. 

Yesterday I discovered I have a RAT problem,  along with a "Signal Catcher", and something called "Watchdog Finalizer Daemon" - this is on my new smartphone. I also have literally hundreds of active ports while my mobile data, wifi, and  Bluetooth are set to off. 

Oh, you may need to know this, the day after I got the new phone it went into Odin mode. A warning popped up saying if i downloaded a new OS it would void my warranty, then it began to download. I couldn't stop it so i removed the battery. After putting the battery back in I booted into recovery and reviewed the logs. - I have hundreds of logs, available on request, dating back to my initial MBAAM scan in 8/16. If you would like this information I'll share it, otherwise I will patiently wait for a reply. 

One more, possibly important, thing... My new Win 10 computer now has a beta version of GNU Grub. I did not install it, or the other delightful programs cluttering my harddrive. I appear to be booting into a VM, and the wipe and clean install failed miserably. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 





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I have this exact same issue. Since around the same time frame - all devices. I think I got it from using a USB that was unknowingly used by my friend that's infected with the same thing but somewhat oblivious. 

The win10 VM thing is really annoying. I'm hoping I'm just paranoid and it's a hardware issue. Have you had any luck with this? 

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