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FileZilla malware included Lavasoft Web Companion


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There is something really suspicious going on with FileZilla all versions and the portable too are compiled on x86_64_unknown-linux-gnu




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FileZilla.Org  is the official site along with with their presence on SourceForge.

I do not know hat the other Domain is but it is not the place to obtain FileZilla Server or FTP Client and that domain was created less than a year ago.



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NOTE:  FileZilla.Org is not the URL, it is just a shorthand notation.  I can see how that may present confusion.

The official URL is https://filezilla-project.org/   It is the "other" URL, you provided, that presents a risk.


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From;  https://filezilla-project.org/  

It is an Open Source project.  As such one can obtain the source code and tweak it.  The FTP Client is v3.24 compiled January 2017, at https://filezilla-project.org/  not v3.7x compiled in 2013.

Always get software from the source and not third parties.





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maybe this helps--- on the "official" filezilla site, they have this nice, shiny download button...(see pic)

that seems to download some virus/bs laden version that MWB flags as malware...

...instead, click "other download options" below it and get THAT version...which appears "clean"


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  • Root Admin

Yes, agreed - and it does say so right below that big green button

The BAD Link DO NOT DOWNLOAD currently is:
This installer may include bundled offers. Check below for more options.


Sadly, the filezilla website seems to block the direct download links if not used on their site.

FileZilla Client

Show additional download options

Windows (64bit)
FileZilla_3.42.1_win64-setup.exe (recommended)
Size: 7926824 bytes
SHA-512 hash: 74eaca78fb100c2a752a5d40a85f6dfd4c717b9475acf2e10e8247a7302c8e7cb7980e4e22a15eaa6c7a6a257bca074172df085bc445538f4c23fd1e736f0d6e

Size: 11367476 bytes
SHA-512 hash: ed9b5c24be068fc2ee1a173afd87698ce886d609b8f2f2eb2b47972c82c966529f99cd3a89ab0e8af2484ff1e9ad43882334c17fb82099bdaa74e296b67d9372

Windows (32bit)
FileZilla_3.42.1_win32-setup.exe (recommended)
Size: 7904160 bytes
SHA-512 hash: fd52c4b95d014b6b2b260532bce8e2db12aa880c1ffb829f3766e6968b1d229c4ccdda3301744102eeccdffe342427c047bed2dac60130a6f00b1769d4a54774

Size: 11782014 bytes
SHA-512 hash: 92c744d74ef0e75b1635f71784a62ff773c680e3c8105735a4be3c1a5e272eff48c207eb8832a0283e748e631ab12ff983c70de3e9b7e6cb54773f00e75af5a4

Mac OS X
Size: 9895482 bytes
SHA-512 hash: 5044105c5af9b4689aaec82f4c67d8188c929b3a5751e42a630fcd138c207b6c5869e3f751f9f9c5fefdb1756f6650c71f9bc7e14f3a22af714fd6defd15bd63


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  • Staff

This link should be fine.  It has the direct download links for all available versions along with their hashes and a link to the source code:


I'm not sure about the filezillasecure link, but I'm sure it's probably just some paid affiliate site looking for SEO/ad money (and they even say they had to pull everything except the source code from their site due to copyright claims from the official Filezilla Devs:

Due to FileZilla requesting that any unauthorized use of its registered trademark cease, only the source code download is available at this time.

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Just get it from the official site, i think i pressed the green download button earlier, i saw it was downloaded from the official domain, actually i don't care about the bundled offers, Filezilla is a legitimate program, they won't install it for you without your permission. If people would just stop seeing software installs on Windows as a just click Next, Next, Next as fast as possible competition, they wouldn't have any problems with this. I don't have any problems with them making money from bundled offers. Tim Kosse (the developer) is offering you very high quality software for 100% free. I fully back his right to do that.

Does Malwarebytes even flag Lavasofts Web Companion? Isn't Lavasoft the developer of Ad-Aware? A popular antispyware program back in the days. I don't think they would do anything very bad at least, but if it's a PUP i understand. Or rather an ACUP (Almost Certainly Unwanted Programs).

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