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Cannot start a scan while another one is already in progress.

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Yes. Attached is an another temped right-click scan on 4/7/2017 at 08:22AM MST on a file named: svg-support.2.3.7.zip

Last night after I exited MB and reloaded it, I was able to right-click all I wanted without any "scan in progress" dialog. This morning, I could not do that as MB performed a schedule scan at 03:16AM.

I just now exited MB and I'm able to right-scan. (that is until the next schedule scan).







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I am experiencing the same problem. None of the workarounds are sufficient. I downloaded filebot 4.7.9 x64 windows installer and will not feel comfortable installing it until I can scan it with, both, Kaspersky, and Malwarebytes. For further note, I am using the paid for versions of both and have never had a problem with Malwarebytes up until now. I would feel a lot more secure, knowing that I have full control over the administration, and execution of my computer's resources. Until then I will use one of the alternative scan methods, in order to ensure that this file gets checked for malware....

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