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Automatic Upgrade Policy for perpetual Beta.


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I have Anti-Exploit free, v1.09.1.1291.

I notice that there is a newly released 'bugfix' version available today,
Now I know from reading previous threads that you are no longer pushing out these minor bugfixes as automatic upgrades (since 09.1.1291).

The question I have, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, is what is going to be the policy with automatic upgrades now that AE standalone is in perpetual beta?

For instance will AE 1.10 be pushed out as an automatic upgrade (with the premium features added as promised)?
And if so then what confidence can users have regarding the stability of the newly released standalone beta?

OK it's going to be a beta with all that entails, but current AE free standalone users have got used to it being stable unless they specifically opted to download a beta version.
(And I for one do not intend to upgrade to Malwarebytes3 until that has become much more stable that it currently seems to be, so will want to stick with the standalone AE alongside MBAMv2.)

So should we be turning off the automatic upgrading of AE standalone until we are sure any new automatic upgrades are stable enough to use confidently?

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  • Staff

MBAE standalone will continue to be pushed automatically through auto-upgrades.

Once we have a new 1.09 stable build (we've been posting intermediate builds with small improvements in each) we'll push it out through auto-upgrade.

Afterwards we'll also push out 1.10, 1.11, etc. through auto-upgrades.

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Thanks for that;

So it seems like there will be 2 levels of beta:

The 'bugfix' beta that you have to download and install yourself.

The 'stable' beta that will be auto-upgrade and will install itself. (If you have that option selected).

And then it will eventually be merged into Malwarebytes3.

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