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Don't know where to start.


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Hello, after years of lurking and not needing to ask for more help, I'm here stuck with a friend's computer that is beyond me and anything I've found on the internet so far. Thank you in advance!

Here is a list of all the things I've found are not working:

  • Right click menu is not showing most of the usual content. Run as Admin only shows the shield icon and works, but there is no text, same as many other options, but there are missing lines.
  • There is no possible way to cut/copy/paste any file, or move it by dragging it around, and in the right click menu all this is not there.
  • Control panel's window is just blank.
  • Can use the "run" tool, not opening with the hotkey "Window" + "R" or the taskbar.

There are more issues, but can't think of them right now.

I donwloaded malwarebytes and run it but it finds nothing.

Find attached the logs from Farbar Recovery Scan Tool as instructed on the pinned post.

Again, thank you very much of your hard work over the years.



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