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What does mbamclean.exe actually remove?

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Installed MBAM on a re-install of Win7 (an old laptop) last week, to try out the 14-day trial. A scan did not find anything, which I kinda expected.

A day later on a start up, an error popped up telling me the tray service failed to start. Clicking on the start menu link and MBAM failed to launch. So I uninstalled and ran the mbamclean.exe for the purported self-clean up of mbam from my computer.

So, what does mbamclean actually remove? I still find MBAM littering my C drive folders...in the program files, temp, &c, and several instances still contained in the Registry. Am I still required to manually remove stuff that mbam*clean* failed to remove? 

Where else should I look to remove MBAM, cause at this point I am wondering why MBAM did not detect itself on that first scan.


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mbam-clean is built for 2.x. It may remove some 3.x files that have the same name or live in a shared location, but the tool is not designed to clean up Malwarebytes 3. The best way to uninstall Malwarebytes 3 is to use the normal Control Panel uninstall method; however we are aware that some people have had issues with that as well and are working on a better long term solution.

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I pretty much got everything related to MBAM removed manually, with exception of following, which am unable to delete from registry:







Are there any other pseudonyms under which I would find further remnants of Malwarebytes on my computer, aside from "Malwarebytes" and "MBAM"?


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