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From Malwarebytes 2 to 3.0

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When I updated the Definitions for MWB 2.0 today it took a long time and when it finished I saw a pop up to get Malwarebytes 3.0 .

I used Firefox to take a look at Malwarebytes web page to see if You All had released a new version of MWB's.
After seeing that there was a new 3.0 version I clicked to get it.

After the download I accepted the License and started the installation.

My firewall asked if I wanted to allow a connection to a IP Address while I was installing the Malwarebytes 3.0 Update.
I clicked NO because I was unsure if the MWB 3.0 Installation asked for it.

Here is a list of three IP Addresses the Firewall asked Me about during the installation of Malwarebytes 3.0 .

To _iu 14D2N.tmp

To Malwarebytes Service

I didn't allow any of those three requests.


This next list is of three IP Addresses the Firewall asked Me about after I installed Malwarebytes 3.0 and it was running.

To Malwarebytes Service

I took some time to look at the Malwarebytes 3.0 Settings for a while and then Closed the window.

My firewall occasionally asked me if I wanted to allow an IP Address I already had in the list.
I'm still telling it NO.

I thought I'd ask in The Forum if I should had gave the IP's an O.K. when they appeared on my XP pc screen?
Thank You


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Hello @Edv:

All firewall related questions during an MB3 installation and after, will need to be answered in a manner (Yes) that permits continuing/ongoing communications with all Malwarebytes' back-office servers located with Amazonaws.com and other possible CDNs.

Thank you for your question.

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Thank You.

Before I started the 3.0 update I looked around the malwarebytes.com web site for more information about the new version.
One page I looked at had a list of Third Party Notices, and Amazon wasn't included in that list.
The Malwarebytes Home Page has the word Amazon on it - but it is just part of an address used by someone who made a comment about the product.

The 3.0 License didn't mention Amazon.
The 3.0 License "more information" section didn't mention Amazon.
The Malwarebytes Privacy Policy page doesn't mention Amazon.

So when I saw a unknown source (_iu 14D2N.tmp) with a amazonaws IP Address show up after I Agreed to the 3.0 License Terms, and I couldn't remember seeing anything related to Amazon in what I read before choosing to get the update made me decide not to allow it.
I was thinking what I saw wasn't part of MWB's Update process and a 'critter process' was riding piggyback on the 3.0 Update.

Maybe I'm the only one who acted like this when updating to MWB's 3.0 version, but as I wrote in the Forum before "I am Paranoid".
When my firewall asks me about a connection I'd rather check it out before allowing it.
That's what I did by posting this Topic in the Forum.

Thanks Again for Your reply.
After reading Your message when my firewall next asked Me about a connection to "Malwarebytes Service" I checked the box to remember my selection and then clicked on the Yes button.

Hope this helps someone else, or gave them a laugh.
Thanks for the help.


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