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Need help. Getting "unable to create directory" and Error 5:Access denied message when trying to download latest version

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Have used Malwarebytes on ASUS laptop for several years with no problems.

Got the message to upgrade the other day and I did with no issues.  Today when I tried to scan it was hanging up.   Thought I would uninstall and then reinstall.  That failed in numerous attempts but  it appears that I have the previous version finally uninstalled.  

So tried to download the latest version.  I keep getting messages about "Setup unable to create directory." with additional messages such as  "Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\is-60N3B.tmp" plus Error 5:Access Denied.   I tried repeatedly with no success and received similar messages. Never got to a point to put in my 'key.'  I even tried to restore at an earlier point in the past week.  NOTHING works.     

When I download something it goes into my "Download" file.  I am not aware of an "AppData" file.  

Can someone help?  Thanks.

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Me too. I have just bought the product last Tuesday. I get " delete file failed code 5 access denied". I have sent multiple emails to tech support but just got directed here. trying to remain positive about this product. why is there not a phone line where one could get help?

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Thanks.   I appreciate the suggestions.  Still cannot download -- not even the free version of 3.0.   Thought I would try that then just upgrade since I already purchased 3.0 premium.  Had a license/key for the previous version since last spring.

I appear to have gotten rid of any files, registry, etc of the previous versions.

Per my original post, I am not a techie and have a basic understanding of my computer.    When I upgraded the other day it didnt give me the "error 5" message.  And I've done upgrades for other software in the past with no issues.    Could it be that I need to save it to a different place for it to work?  Usually I put software in my downloads file and I've not had this issue before.  I had issues running windows 10 last year so I still use windows 7 and keep up-to-date on "updates."


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Update.  Based on a few responses to a few similar but different posts about challenges to installation, I have succeeded in stalling the new version.

I followed the suggestions from Spam Hunters about creating diagnostic logs.  I do not know what all that indicates, but I have them.  Yesterday I finally managed to clean/uninstall/delete previous version and files associated with failed download.

Then based on on  different post, I downloaded the file from Malwarebytes received when I purchased the new version, saved it to my desktop, renamed it mbam.exe, right-clicked on it and selected "run as administator" and it WORKED!         I wish I had an explanation as to why I had to take those steps to install it (so if someone sees this and can explain it, thank you in advance!).

Thank you.

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1 hour ago, Southerner_at_heart said:

A more current update:  All seems to be working HOWEVER, if I try to do  'Custom Scan' and include "Check for Rootkits" it will not allow me to select and drives.

Thoughts on this?  Thanks.

Hi Southerner :)

Do you have a laptop, computer, monitor, etc. with a touchscreen by any chance?

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