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Malwarebytes frozen attemping to update after a scan

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I couldn't figure out how to add it to my original post, but here's a screenshot of what I mean. My computer is basically unusable once this happens, and I have to quit out of Malwarebytes from the system tray to get my computer usable again. I also can't relaunch Malwarebytes afterward unless I go into task manager and end the Malwarebytes service process.


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Hello and Welcome...

How did you update to version 3.0.6? Was it an upgrade from a previous version or did you uninstall the previous version first and then install the new version?

If you did an in place upgrade, try uninstalling Malwarebytes v3.0.6 from the control panel (making sure to deactivate your version first), then reboot, then install a fresh copy of version 3.0.6.

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Yeah, I was on 2.2.1(?) and was prompted to upgrade, and followed accordingly.

So I just uninstalled Malwarebytes, rebooted, and then downloaded and installed 3.0.6, but I've got basically the same problem still. When I run a scan now, it just hangs on checking for updates when it scans startup files, instead of during the heuristics analysis.


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1 hour ago, dcollins said:

Can you try clicking the X in the corner to close the Malwarebytes window, and then open it again from either the system tray or the desktop icon?

If I close it using the window, the window goes away, but my computer stays locked up and Malwarebytes won't open through the system tray icon or the desktop icon for several minutes. When it does come back, it leaves me in the same spot.

Trying to quit out afterward was much harder this time, however, and my browser and explorer crashed several times before I was able to get back into the system tray and quit out of Malwarebytes. I'm not sure if it's relevant, but my CPU and RAM aren't tapped out when this happens, either.


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Ok, thanks for trying @sawdawd. Let's try this:

  1. Reboot your computer
  2. Start a Threat Scan
  3. Wait until the process gets stuck
  4. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time
  5. In the window that pops up, click the More Details button at the bottom (it should have an arrow next to it)
  6. Click the details tab at the top
  7. Find MBAMService.exe in the list of processes
  8. Right click MBAMService.exe and choose Create Dump File
  9. Once it finishes, make note of the filename. It should end in \Temp\MBAMService.dmp
  10. Close Task Manager
  11. Press the Windows + R keys at the same time to bring up the run dialog
  12. Type %temp% exactly as shown there (include the % signs)
  13. In the folder that comes up, you should be able to find the file mentioned from step 9.
  14. Right click that file and choose Send To -> Compressed (Zipped) folder
  15. Upload that zip file here, or if it's too large, use wetransfer.com to email the file to me at dcollins@malwarebytes.com


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On 2/1/2017 at 0:46 PM, Cornerstone said:

Similar problem here - like to know the result of this !



@Cornerstone Not sure if it's helpful, but in my case it looks like something was wrong with my computer that was preventing the new version of Malwarebytes from working correctly. I got some malware while Malwarebytes wasn't working correctly, so I decided to reformat and start over. When I installed Malwarebytes again on my system after wiping it clean, everything worked without issue.

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